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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Global Warming???

So, last night on my way home from work, I took the following picture. It's hard to see, but that's actually sleet on the hood of my car. Yes, sleet. When I got home, however, the weatherman called it, "soft hail". WTF? This was no hail, my friends. This was almost snow, but too wet to be snow, which is identified as SLEET! In Phoenix, Arizona. This makes me very unhappy.

Fast forward to 7:30 this morning, and here are two pictures of my car. The first is the ice that had formed on the roof of the car. The second is the ice, and the little mean face I made on my windshield. I actually had to whip out a credit card to scrape the ice off of my windshield this morning. In Phoenix, Arizona. This also makes me very unhappy.

Let's back up a moment, because I don't want this to be a totally unhappy and negative post. Here is a picture of a beautiful double rainbow yesterday afternoon when I got home from work. It really was striking. This made me somewhat happy. But then it rained again.

So, my issue (for today) is this: I think Global Warming is total B.S. I would like to invite Al Gore to check out the recent weather patterns in normally-sunny-and-dry Phoenix, Arizona. The "Incovenient Truth" is: we have had more rain, snow (up north), cold weather, and freeze warnings this winter than any other winter in the last 8 years. Probably longer than that, but that's all I can speak for. I came here 8 years ago because I wanted to live in The Valley of the Sun. That's where I live, but you can't tell by the weather we're having this year! I did not move here for weather! I could have stayed in Massachusetts for weather!
Some interesting reading can be found here: Nine Lies About Global Warming.


Veronnica said...

Okay I'll make no comments on the Global Warming thing, but you are correct, this is supposed to be The Valley of The Sun and it's F'ing Cold!

Queen B said...

wow, that is definitely sleet! It was probably at least 75 here in Dallas yesterday :)

Ann said...


QB: Thanks for that! It is supposed to be 72 here on Saturday. We shall see. :o)

Queen B said...

update: freezing rain and about 40 degrees yesterday afternoon in Dallas. I shoulda known that warm/humid weather would lead to cold weather in less than 24 hours!

Ann said...

Thanks for the update QB! I had to scrape ice off my car again this morning, so I'm feeling your pain! :o)