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Monday, February 4, 2008

It's Working - Kind Of...

Today's required reading can be found here. It's on AZCentral.com, so I hope you don't have to answer a survey to get to it. Sorry if you do. OK...did you read it? Can you believe it? I wonder if the states of AZ and OK intended for their illegals to hike over to TX? Probably not so much. It would be nice if they got the hint and applied for citizenship legally! Hello???? Best quote of the story: "Here, they let you work. (referring to TX) Over there, they won't. There is a lot of racism, but here there isn't - it's better," Ortiz said of Houston. My response: "Yeah, not so much racism...we don't mind if you're from Jordan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Mexico, or any other country...just come here LEGALLY!" Is that hard to understand, Mr. Oritz? Maybe a little ESL will help you out...Oh, wait, that's right: you want US to learn YOUR language while YOU are living in OUR country ILLEGALLY! What was I thinking?


Mike said...

I just read that Utah is looking into similar legislation. Too bad we can't pass that sort of legislation on a national level, but I guess our elected officials are too afraid to actually do something--about anything.

Queen B said...

My (least) favorite line is, "Texas is still very much an entrepreneurial place..." And HOW is that applicable to illegal immigrants? I seriously must've missed that link.