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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Birthday Shout-Out To My Boy Eric!!!

Happy Birthday Eric! We wish you could be here to celebrate, but you and Toshia are in Korea serving our country in the Air Force; for that I thank you.

You're 22 now, and so mature. You've stopped walking into things and getting random injuries (thank God!). Your wife Toshia is a beautiful woman, who loves you very much.

We love you and we're proud as hell to be your parents! We hope you have a wonderful birthday! This day is all about you, Eric, so enjoy it to the fullest!


Veronnica said...

Happy Birthday Eric! Hopefully you and Toshia are celebrating some great way out there in Korea!

Bigdaddy said...

That'sa my BOY!!!

Kim Thomas said...

Happy Birthday, Eric! Thanks for serving our country!