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Friday, August 10, 2007

My Favorite Arizona Chinese Restaurant

Yes, I have to specify that it's my favorite *Arizona* Chinese Restaurant. I have to do this because most of the food in Arizona sucks, as compared to anywhere else in these United States. We went to this establishment last night, after not going there for quite some time. Here is the run-down:
  • It was so quiet in there you could have heard a pin drop! (It used to be packed and noisy all the time)
  • There were 3 other tables taken, and the rest of the place was empty
  • The waiter (I think?) was chasing people to their tables asking them what they wanted to drink before they were seated! (They actually asked Big D while he was at the buffet!)
  • The food quality REALLY left something to be desired
  • There was NO SUSHI!!!! WTF???
  • It looked pretty run-down

Now I'm not sure if there's new management in place, or if there needs to be, but I was sorely disappointed with our visit. The whole experience was terrible!

So, does anyone know a *Good* Chinese restaurant in the Phoenix valley area? I prefer the west side, but hey, I've traveled to Boston for good sea food, so I can drive to the east side if I must!


Jen said...

I hear Kowloon is good ;-)

Let's not forget Orchid of Hawaii..

Kim Thomas said...

My favorite Asian restaurant in Phoenix is "The Bamboo Club". There are two of them that I know of, one is up at Desert Ridge the other is at the Biltmore outdoor mall (Forget the name)-Actually this one may have closed...I think they opened up in another Scottsdale location. I recommend the Lemongrass Chicken with Asparagus and the Dynasty Fried Rice. Mmm it's to die for!

My favorite Chinese (only) food (even though it's a chain) is "PF Chang's China Bistro". They have one at Scottsdale Mall and Mesa for sure and there may be more locations.

P.S. There shouldn't be Sushi at a Chinese restaurant because Sushi is Japanese.

James said...

Hey! This is Kim's younger brother just so you know. Sorry your experience was so terrbile =[. Bamboo Club is great though =]. I agree with Kim, PF Changs is a fantastic Chinese restaurant to dine in. Not Sure if there are any in Arizona, but here is some information on PF Changs on my blog- http://diversedining.blogspot.com/2007/07/pf-changs.html. It is so worth a try!

Queen B said...

Pei Wei is great, too. It's an offshoot of PF Chang's and is more of a fast-food style (though no fries on the menu). There are a ton around Phoenix, and I recommend the Lemongrass Chicken there :)

Dora said...

LOL! How proper is Kim? ...favorite "Asian" restaurant... Love it!!

Ann said...

Thanks for all the great suggestions!

Jen: I have not heard of Kowloon or Orchid of Hawaii, but will look them up.

Kim & James: PF Chang's is great, but a little far for us.

Kim: Thanks for the lesson in 'Asian' food. This place must have been a mix, because they used to have Sushi.

Queen: I have heard of Pei Wei and will be trying it soon. There is one not too far from us. Thanks!

Dora: Nice catch up on Kim's proper-comment-posting! LOL!

Veronnica said...

Asiana Kitchen in Anthem! Hands down best Chinese/Sushi experience in years! They even have the private little rooms you can dine in! Come on up Chick!

Ruth Anne said...

Pei Wei's in Phoenix:
Phoenix - 7th Ave & McDowell
Phoenix - Arcadia
Phoenix - Madison
Phoenix - Bell Town Plaza

This is a must!

Veronnica said...

FYI Kim, Chinese and Sushi seems to be going together at a lot of places these days. As I mentioned, Asiana is a Chinese restaurant, but they also have the Japanese private dining rooms, and they have the traditional sushi bar and they've got nothing but compliments. I think people like both Chinese AND Sushi, and this keeps everybody happy!