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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Birthday Shout-Out To Samantha!!

Happy birthday, Samantha!

We wish you could be here to celebrate your birthday, but you're in the Navy and in Virginia. Thank you for serving our country. We're glad we saw you in June!

You have always made our lives interesting, to say the least! We love you very much, and still can't believe what a responsible young woman you have become. You're 19 now, you're married to a really nice guy, and you're a smart & beautiful girl. We could not be more proud of you!

Here's to you, Sammy! Hope you have a fabulous birthday!


Veronnica said...

Happy Birthday Sam! Hope your day is everything you want it to be!

chrismiss said...

happy b/day sam

Samantha said...

Ok I would just like to say thanks for putting up the most horrible picture...lol....we got our computer and internet set up now so I can see your blog. ;)