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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Charred Foot, Anyone?

OK, the vehicular saga continues...

I left work early to get the car to the shop before it actually reached 112 today. No such luck.

The security guys found me a jug to put water in my radiator. I put the water in, but it only took about 1/4 gallon. This signifies 'other issues'. Not good. So, I put the radiator cap back on and rolled.

I got halfway up Grand Avenue and it started overheating. I pulled off, and let it cool down for a bit. I waited about 25 minutes, and started again. I was within 1 mile of the shop when the car got extremely hot and stalled. I called the shop, and they gave me the # for the towing company. The towing company said they would be at least an hour. An hour??? It's 112, I am stuck here in the hot sun, of course there's no shade anywhere...it's Arizona! So I called Big D. He gets on his motorcycle and comes down to bring me a Gatorade (my HERO!).

As we're sitting there talking, a friend of ours rides by on his bike. He stopped to see if we were ok. Then the two guys pop the hood to take a looksie. Apparently, I did not put the radiator cap on tightly, because it was sitting on top of the radiator, upside down. It felt like it was on tight to me!

So Big D goes to someone's door to get some water for the radiator. The nice lady gives us a bucket and the use of her outdoor tap. He fills the radiator and puts the cap on tightly. I drove to the repair shop, and then called to cancel the tow truck.

This is where it gets interesting: I am dressed for work. I have on black capri pants and strappy sandals. They're very cute, but not practical for riding. Especially not in this heat! I've also got my laptop bag and my purse. Big D looked for a sign on his bike that indicated he was a "Geek Taxi Service". I smacked him.

I stuffed my purse in the saddlebag, put the strap of the laptop bag over my shoulders, and jumped on the bike. I thought my feet might get a little warm, but I really didn't think it would be too bad. Off we went.

About 1/4 mile into the ride, I started screaming at Big D (he's deaf and the bike is loud) "My feet are on fire!!!!" He stopped and said, "What do you want to do?" I said, "Just get me home." His reply was, "Hold on." Off we went, again.

I was trying not to cry all the way down Grand Avenue. At every red light, I cried with relief! Once we got onto 75th Avenue, I started sticking my right foot out (this was the worst one) a few inches to keep it away from the pipes and the motor. When we got home, I ran into the backyard and stuck my feet in the pool. Relief! Finally! Then I took the picture. Please note: my foot had no tan lines on it before today...that is all burn!

When Big D saw my feet, he said, "You know, we could have stopped at anytime!" My reply, "I just wanted to get home!" Honestly, what would we have done? Stopped and let my feet cool off in the hot sun?? Not so much.

I know it was stupid to ride with those sandals on. From now on, I have resolved to keep a spare pair of motorcycle boots in the car at all times. Thanks to Big D for that suggestion!


Veronnica said...

OUCH! Now he thinks of spare boots! I keep extra flip flops in my car at all time too - of course I'm not on the back of a bike either. That's part of why we got rid of ours, just too damn hot, too damn long! Have a few cold beers you will feel better! Hopefully the car isn't too big a deal either!

Big Daddy said...

Now I Think of spare boots?
mama knew she was getting picked up on the bike that afternoon. When she left in the morning. Also I seem to recall a lady in a wet bathing suit who argued she didn't need boots to ride. Good thing I insisted EH?

Ann said...

Actually, I had planned on taking the bus. Then he could have gone home, gotten my boots and picked me up at 67th & Peoria, but Big D insisted I jump on the bike instead.

Kim Thomas said...

This looks absolutely terrible!