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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Favorite TV Ad Poll Results

Not surprisingly, the AFLAC Duck took the poll! The results were as follows: What's Your Favorite TV Ad? GEICO Gecko - 0 GEICO Cavemen - 1 AFLAC Duck - 5 I TIVO Everything - 2 The most surprising result was that only two people answered that they TIVO everything & don't watch ads. I thought it would be more! My vote was for the duck!


Kim Thomas said...

Favorite Reality Show is the Amazing Race, Jane and I are going on it and we are going to win!!!!!

Ann said...

I forgot all about that one! If you and Jane go on it, I will watch! Woo-hoo!

JennAnn said...

OMG if Kim and Jane go on the Amazing Race they'd be without the ability to blog/text/call for a VERY long time. How would they (and the rest of us addicts) survive?!

Veronnica said...

Tivo baby! Although most of the shows I watch are on HBO anyway, no commercials! Football season is almost here though and can't Tivo my Cowboys - so commercials I will suffer through!!!